Why is electricity so expensive in Arizona?

Arizona is hot and dry and residents of this state pay up to 17 percent more in electricity costs than other people in the country. Arizona electric bills have skyrocketed to highs that many people are considering locating to other parts of the country because they are not able to afford making payments. It is important to note that energy costs are so high there because of the fact that the state mostly uses coal to generate electricity.

Coal is widely abundant in Arizona and a side effect to using it is large production of carbon dioxide in the air. These emissions have been said to increase global warming which is why fees and charges are added to consumers in order for the state to meet strict clean up requirements. However, there are other methods that may be beneficial to the residents and that can lower electric bills.

A desert region like the south western part of the US is the perfect spot for using of renewable sources of energy such as solar power. The year round warm weather and guaranteed sun’s rays can generate energy that is clean and sustainable. Some people in this region wonder if the sun’s energy is the solution to their high cost of electricity.

It definitely is an option that should be considered because the government will continue to punish those companies that provide power using natural coal and gas. Mining of coal is a dangerous job that can result in the death of those involved. Inhaling of the gases used to produce power can also be fatal.

Using solar power is that it never ends and no amounts of money are invested to harness it. The energy is clean and with no side effects. What’s more, there are various tools that homeowners and businesses can employ to store the energy and use it in the future. This ensures that the individual is never charged for using electricity in case of depletion due to plugging of many appliances to the grid source.

The cost of setting up a solar system can range anywhere from $14000 – $25000. This is a steep price that some people feel they cannot afford. However in the long run, one can actually save a lot of money because Arizona electric bills can rack up to more than $72000 in a span of more than twenty years. The difference is quite clear and one must consider carefully what they should invest in.

Residents as well as businesses should consider having AZ solar panels installed because they would get rebates from the government in order to encourage them to continue trends that lower electric bills. During tax season, one can save get a larger refund if they are found to have panels installed in their home.

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