How Solar Power Has Helped Arizona


Arizona solar systems allow businesses and homeowners to utilize the sun’s energy to produce electricity. Although solar power has been available for many years, in recent years the availability of solar power has grown substantially. This growth is apparent in the state of Arizona which has the largest solar power plant in the world. The popularity of Arizona solar systems can be attributed to the increased awareness of the need to provide clean sources of fuel. Traditional sources of electricity such as coal are nonrenewable, cause a great deal of harm to the environment, and can make electricity more expensive.

AZ solar systems should be installed by trained and certified professionals. There are three different types and solar panels: Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline and Amorphous. Monocrystalline are the most efficient type of panel and polycrystalline panels are the most common type of panel installed. The amorphous panels are the least efficient. Consumers should carefully research and consider which type of panel they want to install.

Installing Arizona solar power in a residence is quite simple and it also serves as a great investment which will increase the value of your home. The cost of solar panel installation is less than the value added to the home. In fact studies have shown that homes fitted with solar panels sell twice as quickly as those without solar panels.

Solar power can also greatly reduce electricity bills. Some estimates assert that energy bills are reduced by as much as 70 percent through the use of solar power. In addition to saving residents money, Arizona solar power can also make residents money through net metering. Net metering is a policy established by the state of Arizona through which solar power users only pay for the amount of solar power they use. Homeowners are then able to bank any additional solar power their solar system produces. The banked power can then be sold at peak times at higher rates.

Solar power installation is also an attractive investment because it gives homeowners independence from energy companies. Once solar panels are installed homeowners have more control over the source of their electricity and how much electricity they use. Without solar panels homeowners are at the mercy of electric companies who increase rates frequently.

Several utility service companies in the state of Arizona are equipped to provide solar power including: Arizona Public Service, Trico Electric Cooperative and Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative. The state of Arizona also offers AZ solar rebates to residents who install solar panels.

AZ solar systems are an investment that any homeowner or business owner should consider installing. The benefits of such an installation are reduction in electricity bills, independence from utility companies and an increase in home values.

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