Top Solar Rebates and Incentives in Arizona

Many states have demonstrated their ability to reward their citizens for choosing solar energy but Arizona has one of the best programs. They realize that this form of energy is the way of the future and they want to work with those who want it. Instead of these solar panels costing thousands to install on a residential home, residents may be able to go solar at a substantially reduced rate with Arizona solar rebates. By working together everyone can be completely satisfied with the energy that is provided.

The price of the installation of solar energy may be high but the Arizona solar incentives keep the price low over time. First is a AZ solar rebate that gives back $1,500 per kW that is installed. If you install 5 of them then you get $7,500 towards your purchase. This takes the price of the solar panels down dramatically and already with one rebate the price is cut by over twenty percent. Next there is a AZ state tax credit of $1000 that comes with the solar energy also. The state will deduct this from your taxes so it is truly like saving $1000 dollars.

One thing you will not have to worry about when it comes to buying solar panels is taxes. There is no sales tax on these installations and also there will be no increase in property taxes on your home after the installation thanks to Arizona solar incentives. The price of your house goes up but you don’t have to pay another penny. Also, there is a 30% federal tax credit that goes along with this purchase. After the state rebates are calculated then 30% of that price goes towards a tax credit for the federal government. This could be up to $6,000 in rebates just from doing nothing!
Not only does the state and federal government give out rebates for solar energy but also the companies that provide energy. The three biggest companies APS, SRP and TEP offer great incentives to switch to solar energy. APS gives incentives for solar panels, solar water heating, and solar space heating. SRP will give out an incentive of $2,500 for installing solar panels. TEP also offers the same incentive as SRP. However, to get these incentives you do have to sign a contract to stay with that particular energy company for a certain amount of years. They will actually pay you for the energy you produce that goes back to their plant. Basically if you don’t use some of the energy you are getting you get paid for it!
After all of these rebates and tax credits the price of solar energy has just been cut in half due to AZ solar rebates. The Arizona solar rebates program has grown over the years and now it can truly make a difference in the decisions of many families. Also, there are many savings due to the sun powering your home from now on. Instead of a hundred dollar bill it could be less than $20 every month. Don’t just thank AZ solar rebates, thank the sun.

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